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Coronavirus cases soar as unemployment cases is worst in American history

For the sixteenth week straight Americans have filed nearly 3 million new unemployment claims. As the pandemic continues to rise and states begin to require mandatory face mask more and more businesses lock their doors. This is the highest unemployment rate the United States has seen in history. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic the highest unemployment claims in a single was 695,000 in 1982.

Many researchers say that these job loses may be permanent as many are unlikely to return. According to the Labor Department in the month of June there were over 30 million people collecting unemployment. Many of Americans favorite retailers, shopping mall stores, and restaurants have went bankrupt within the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic with little chance of the virus slowing down.

The airline industry has token a significant hit, United Airlines is set to cut about 36,000 employees due to lack of consumer demand. Many other major industries will cut up to 15% of employees. Its a tough thing to see as the once beautiful country was flourishing, movies theaters have removed the once lit led lightbox posters, gyms that were once packed with fitness gurus is no longer a thing. This time period will be one of the test of times especially to see how Americans will bounce back.

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