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August Alsina releases new song “Entanglements” ft. Rick Ross after Affair with Jada Pinkett-Smith

R&B singer August Alsina wasted no time capitalizing on his relationship with actress Jada Pinkett-Smith. He dropped the new song “Entanglements” ft. Rick Ross after Jada said the catchy phrase on Red Table Talk to describe their affair.

August brings the hook in straight to the point cuttting no corners, "The definition of entanglement is when you tangle in the sheets," Alsina even went on to say he misses Jada on rapper Lil Wayne’s Young money Radio show Recently.

The music industry has clearly changed because now artist are spilling the tea and are taking trolling to a whole another level.

In the track, Ross raps "Shawty leaning on my shoulder, questioning my willpower/Jaded by her beauty but her reputation real solid," Leaving fans to question is this a good or bad thing saying August Alsina is the ”King of Petty”.

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